Imam Abdulkadir Elmi

Imam Abdulkadir ElmiImam Abdulkadir Elmi got his Islamic education at young age in his native country Somali Land. He obtained a Bachelor degree from Afgoye Agricultural College in Somalia.
He got a Master degree of Science from Montana State University, and a Ph.D from the University of Arkansas in Agriculture. Imam Elmi have been engaged in Dawa and teaching Islam in North America since 1990. He has been Imam and Khateeb at Mosques in Montana, Arkansas, Virginia and New York States. Currently, he is the Resident Imam and khateeb of Masjid Assalam in the city of Albany in New York State since 2005. He has been a Senior Coordinating Chaplain for New York State since 1997. Imam Elmi Translated to Somali language the book “Fiqhu Sunnah” of Sayed Sabiq along with “Tamam al-Minnah” of Sheikh Albany into one Book named “Tarjumadda Fiqhu Sunnah”. Imam can be emailed at

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