Matrimonial Event

Matrimonial Event at Convention

Alhamdu-lillah convention hosts a matrimonial event that is designed to cater to the needs of prospective Muslim Brides and Grooms searching for their marriage partners. This matrimonial event provides a secure Islamic platform for single Muslims and/or their parents to create a profile and interact with other registered members at the convention.

For your convenience you can download and complete the registration form in advance and bring it to the convention for faster service.

Registration Form

Information Exchange Form


  • Registration for matrimonial services begins simultaneously with the general registration as most of the convention participants begin inquiring about the services at the registration desk.
  • A separate office is established where we can accommodate up to 12-15 people at a time who wish to review profiles of other registered members.
  • A nominal fee of $30 is charged to cover the service expenses.
  • During this process registered members review the forms and if possible an immediate contact is established via cell phone or matrimonial committee members as almost all registered members and their family are present on the premises of convention center.
  • Meeting is facilitated by the matrimonial committee members in the registration office or members can do it on their own.
  • A workshop/training session is scheduled as well at the convention where only registered members with one family member are allowed to attend.
  • Seating arrangements are made according to age groups. Tables are marked with age group cards to be seated on that table.
  • Snacks are served to make the environment friendly and conducive for participants including family members to meet other members.
  • The training program is focused on “How to establish a Muslim family”. Duration of speech could be from 45 to 60 minutes.
  • Participants are encouraged to rotate on tables to meet as many people as they can to exchange initial information. An information exchange form is also provided.


  • This form was designed with consideration of privacy issues regarding disclosing personal information to other members. A copy can be made after folding the form by the arrow to conceal phone number and other info before giving the copy to other members.
  • Personal information is only exchanged after both the parties agree to do so.


  • We help potential brides and grooms to get insight about selecting a spouse by doing the workshop during the convention.
  • We facilitate the exchange of member contact information and possible arrange a meeting on-site at the convention.


  • During the year round service a convention committee member will be assigned to continue the registration process and help members to find matching profiles.
  • All members registered during the convention continue to enjoy the services provided by the convention committee member for one year.

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